Every human being starts to wonder about their origin at some point in life. We desperately want to find out more about ourselves and our roots.

Sometimes we might unexpectedly find out our parents are not really our biological parents… At that moment everything we thought we knew changes. There are more questions than answers. Our nearest family seems to be strangers.

We know that the sudden discovery of a family secret can change your life completely.

The first matter is finding out where you come from and who your biological family is. We are here to give you our support, attention and time.
For us, the greatest achievement is bringing back together a family separated many years ago.
We believe that everyone deserves to know about their background and we are doing our part in making it happen.
We encourage you to tell us your story.

Please remember – the more documents we receive from you at the beginning, the easier it will be to find better results.

If you would like us to translate any of the document, we can