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We are proudly a British business, managed and run by passionate researchers. We believe that family history is about more than just names, dates and places but about telling the unique Story of your family in a personal and human way.

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Privacy Policy:

Your privacy is important to us – please contact us on +447482877821 if you would like to discuss our Privacy Policy.

Enquiry Details:  Your enquiry details will not be provided to any third party for any other product or data amalgamation purpose.  We will only contact You in relation to the products and services that You have enquired upon.  This may include special offers and Family History research products that we feel will be interesting to You.  We will happily and immediately delete any information that You have provided to us if You request.

Research Details – provided by You:  Your request for us to undertake Family History research requires that we collect personal information, which is collected via our scope documents.  We do not collect any information that is not necessary for the specific research work You have requested.  We will not disclose this information to any third party, with exception of any consulting Family History Researcher we may engage, and information sharing will be limited to what is required to complete your Research request. Consulting Researchers comply with Our Privacy Policy and do not retain any information We provided to them for the completion of Family History Research. Completed Research Reports will only be provided to You or any other person where we have Your express consent.

Data Storage:  Enquiry Details, Research Details provided by You and any Research Reports prepared by Us will be stored on a secure server. This information is kept for Our purposes to enable Us to efficiently undertake further research at Your request, and in order to provide You with any of our customised presentation options (books/reprints, charts and electronic research files).

Family History Information Sharing Websites:  We will not upload your family information to be shared with third parties electronically. We do however encourage You to consider sharing your Historical Family Tree and its details it with popular Family History sharing websites in order that it may assist other family researchers in their discovery!

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Vision & Mission

The records of Family Tree Affair constitute a “missing link” in existing genealogical records. The vision is to support the world-wide community of genealogists and family historians by:

  • Providing a technological tool for collecting, storing, retrieving, and sharing information about Ancestral Homes and the families that once occupied them.
  • Creating the International Archive of Ancestral Homes (IAAH), starting with UK, USA , Canada and Ireland, and eventually embracing the Irish & UK diaspora, and others, in all countries of the world.
  • Creating sustainable ongoing educational programs to engage young people in researching the cultural heritage of their communities.

For Family Tree Affair purposes, an ancestral home is a human habitation, or its remains, in any time period anywhere in the world.